Prof. Mehmet ŞAHİN

Mr.Şahin graduated from the Department of History and postgraduated from the Department of International Relations at METU. He earned his PhD from the Department of International Relations at Gazi University. Dr. Şahin worked in the Department of International Relations at Gazi University for 13 years. Sahin, works still as Professor Dr at Police Academy, Security Sciences Institute, He is also the director of the International Academy for Terror and Security Studies of the Police Academy. Şahin's areas of interest are Religion in International Politics, Middle East and Turkish Foreign Policy.

There are five joint edits and one copyright book published on these topics.
These books include;
1) Syria in Middle East Politics,
2) Israel in Middle East Politics,
3) Gulf War II,
4) Iran in Middle East Politics
5) Turkish Foreign Policy and Public Diplomacy
6) Relation between Religion and Foreign Policy: instance of USA,

Şahin is also the editor of the journal Academic Middle East. He was the editor of the journal Middle East Analysis between 2010-2011. Mr.Şahin worked for three years as a Middle East consultant at ORSAM (Middle East Strategic Research Center). In addition to his duty at the University, he was Vice President of SDE (Institute for Strategic Thinking) for three years and Coordinator for Foreign Policy and International Relations. He also teaches at the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Academy and the Police Academy. Şahin worked as a moderator and commentator in „Reelpolitic“ program published at TRT Turk for a year and is one of the permanent commentators in „New Agenda“ program published in TRT News.